Your honeymoon marks the beginning of the rest of your life with your new spouse, and while you’d probably be happy to spend it in the grottiest venue on the planet if it means you can spend time with the one you love, it’d be nice to make sure it’s completely perfect. To help you find your perfect Honeymoon beach, we’ve picked out a few that we think you’ll love. So without further ado, let’s check them out.


Manuel Antonio National Park

Gorgeous, secluded greenery at the Manuel Antonio National Park. If this isn’t dreamy, we don’t know what is.

Beginning your journey in Costa Rica, let’s start with the Manuel Antonio National Park, a stunning venue which is home to some of the most incredible landscapes on this planet. A trip to this park will see you starting your marriage looking out over thick, green forests and vast mountains, as well as four coves with white sandy beaches; Espadilla Sur, Playita, Tolero and Manuel Antonio. These stunning beaches are the ideal spot for any number of different activities, from surfing to scuba diving, kayaking to snorkelling, so you can do something a little different during your stay.

Balancing adventure with luxurious comfort, what’s a honeymoon without a stunning room? Try checking into The Preserve at Los Altos, a beautiful resort which boasts a “Costa Rican vacation like no other”. Importantly, while The Preserve offers luxury, guests are also encouraged to explore the incredible nature that surrounds the resort, making your honeymoon a trip to remember. You can even bring your pet if you think you’ll miss them – Playa Manuel Antonio is completely pet-friendly!


Before you ask, yes, they have the loungers arranged in pairs. Just you, the love of your life, and the ocean.

One of the five beautiful white sand beaches at the Peter Island Resort & Spa, Honeymoon Beach is a secluded, intimate little beach which is ideal for a getaway designed just for you and your other half. Bask in the sunshine in perfect privacy on a beach which, as suggested by its name, could have been designed specifically for honeymooners. To top it all off, the beach itself can be reserved, so you’ll know that you can rely on absolute solitude.

When you’re done on the beach for the day, you can return to one of the resort’s beautiful little suites which offer double showers, jacuzzis and private balconies and patios. Honeymooners can book a private dinner on the beach, visit the spa, and will even receive a bottle of sparkling wine – it’s the perfect romantic getaway.


Paleokastrttsa beach corfu

The gorgeous scenery in Paleokastritsa, ripe for the honeymooners that want more to just lay on the sand.

Jetting over the Atlantic and back in our good old Europe, there are some great beaches in Europe which would be perfect for your honeymoon. Paleokastritsa Bay is a stunning bay which features a cluster of six charming beaches. These beaches have it all: clear turquoise waters and white sands, all in front of a backdrop of olive groves and wooded hills, which might just make this beach the most stunning European destination available to travellers today. For those who are more concerned with exploring, water taxis can take you to each of the six beaches so you can decide which is your perfect honeymoon beach. If you haven’t quite developed your sea legs, however, don’t worry about it: try exploring the beautiful monastery perched on a hill overlooking the bay.

A trip to Paleokastritsa Bay will ensure that your honeymoon is just as memorable as your wedding, with nearby attractions such as some delicious dining options and the beautiful old town of Corfu, which is listed as a World Heritage Centre by UNESCO.


The strand of white sand in the south shore of Viti Levu should make for that honeymoon escapade.

The dreamy strand of white sand in the south shore of Viti Levu; after the wedding shenanigans, you totally deserve it.

The perfect honeymoon is worth a bit of travelling, and at over 1,300 miles from New Zealand, that’s exactly what you’ll have to do in order to reach Fiji. One thing we must say, though: It’s worth it. The beaches of Fiji are absolutely stunning, and perfect for a little bit of post-wedding relaxation with your other half.

One of the most popular destinations to visit in Fiji is the Coral Coast, a central location with a grand beach and any number of accommodation options. Located on the southwest side of Viti Levu, the Coral Coast boasts spotless white sands accessible from the hotels and resorts located nearby, or from the Queens Highway for those who are staying a little further from the beach.

We hope you found something on our list that caught your eye but if you’re still not happy, feel free to enter your more specific requirements into our 3-step beach matchmaker, and we’ll get some more options to you in a jiffy!