In the beautiful words which have been immortalised by Vengaboys (yeah, we went there):

Whoah! We’re Going To Ibiza

Whoah! We’re Gonna Have A Party

Whoah! In The Mediterranean Sea

We all want to have a party in the Mediterranean Sea. We don’t all, however, want to go to Ibiza. So where should we go, you ask? Well, here are our 7 picks for an unforgettable mediterranean beach holiday.


The gorgeous clear waters of Nissi Beach won't disappoint.

The gorgeous clear waters of Nissi Beach won’t disappoint. We promise.

Nissi Beach is home to some of the clearest water on the planet – and it’s pet friendly! The beach is within walking distance of the bustling Ayia Napa, but just far enough away for your stay to be quiet and relaxing. The calm water makes the beach a great place for children to swim, while the facilities at the beach allow holidaymakers to satisfy needs such as hunger and thirst without having to traipse across town, sand-covered, in search of lunch.

There are a load of great hotels nearby, but the most popular is Mon Repos Design Hotel. Within walking distance of numerous beaches and shops, this modern hotel boasts a relaxing atmosphere and spotless rooms. Although the hotel itself doesn’t have restaurants, bars or a sea view, these are all available nearby, and the wonderfully helpful and friendly staff more than make up for these absences.



690 meters of white sand. We’re sure you’ll be able to find a spot for you.

So you don’t want to go to Ibiza – but how about going just slightly south of it? The Spanish island of Formentera, just south of Ibiza, is the home of the glorious Playa es Pujols. Formentera is much smaller and more intimate than Ibiza, an island where you can spend a lovely, relaxing week and get to know the locals a little more.

The Playas es Pujols area is the Tourist Centre of Formentera, so it’s full of popular cafes and bars, all right next to the beautiful beach with its clear, shallow water. While less well-known than its neighbouring island, it can still get a little busy and is far from boring. The small town by the sea holds plenty of gift shops and other touristy requirements, as well as a lovely promenade which stretches from one end to the other, perfect for an evening stroll.


Paleokastrttsa beach corfu

Shifting our focus to the eastern end of the Mediterranean, we reach the beaches of Corfu in Greece. Paleokastritsa Bay, for example, is a stunning bay which features a cluster of six charming beaches. These beaches have it all: clear turquoise waters and white sands, all in front of a backdrop of olive groves and wooded hills which might just make this beach the most stunning European destination available to travellers today. For those who are more concerned with exploring, water taxis can take you to each of the six beaches so you can decide which is your perfect Mediterranean beach. If you haven’t quite developed your sea legs, however, don’t worry about it: try exploring the beautiful monastery perched on a hill overlooking the bay.

A trip to Paleokastritsa Bay will ensure that your holiday in Greece is one of the most memorable trips you take, with nearby attractions such as some delicious dining options and the beautiful old town of Corfu, which is listed as a World Heritage Centre by UNESCO.



The calm waters of Santa Giulia are here for all of you water-sports aficcionados.

Easily one of the most stunning beaches in the Mediterranean, Santa Giulia Beach on the French island of Corsica could be mistaken for a Caribbean island, with its clear turquoise waters and bright white sand. The perfectly calm water makes it possible for adults and children alike to participate in a massive range of watersports, while the gently sloping seabed makes it a lovely, safe spot for young children to play.

If you get hungry at the beach, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby to choose from – everything from grills to cocktail bars. The centre of the beach holds a large, shaded bar, so you won’t have any issues with thirst during your visit!


Tiki Huts. In Europe! Bet you weren't expecting that! Well they exist and are ripe for a visit.

Tiki Huts. In Europe! Bet you weren’t expecting that! Well they exist and are ripe for a visit.

With thatched roofs, sandy beaches and palm trees, the Tiki huts on Pampelonne Beach in St Tropez, France, are really quite something to look at. And they’re just as incredible on the inside. These beach huts are more like mobile homes in disguise, containing satellite television, air conditioning and fancy kitchens – you won’t want to go home. The one downfall of these stunning little structures is that they don’t offer much in the way of seclusion, as they sit tight next to each other, but it might just be worth it for the location.

So what’s the downside? Plage de Pampelonne is traditionally a nudist beach, which might scare away the shy among you. The upside? Well… Plage de Pampelonne is traditionally a nudist beach! Jokes aside, it is considered to be the most beautiful beach in the French Riviera, promising gorgeous golden sand and spotless Mediterranean waters. And during the summertime, this is a popular hangout spot for celebrities who frequent the nearby restaurants and clubs, perfect if you’re looking to add a touch of glamour to your holiday.



If you want to experience Mediterranean waters from Malta, your best bet is Golden Bay Beach, which is known for its gorgeous sunsets, golden sand and blue waters (gee, where have I heard this before?). Make your visit a spectacular one by taking part in any number of different watersports, such as jet skiing, water skiing, paragliding and canoeing, or make the most of the evening sun by serving up a delicious barbecue for your family.

Resting by the Golden Bay Beach, you’ll find the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, the ideal spot for a luxury getaway. The resort holds 329 rooms and suites offering breathtaking views of the bay and numerous other amenities. After a long day under the sun, you can head back to your room to access your free wifi from your incredible bath, or go all-out and hit the spa for some true relaxation.


This is what we call a crescent beach. And the food is quite awesome too!

This is what we call a crescent beach. And the food is quite awesome too! Photo by Annamaria Cristofanon

Last on this list – though by no means least – we find Lido Mazzaro in Sicily, Italy, a glorious spot renowned for the incredible beach scene it has to offer. This sweet, sandy beach lies in the shape of a crescent moon behind a natural wall, like a hidden gem resting on the coast of Sicily. The nearby town is a real sight to see if you’re even remotely interested in architecture, featuring beautifully restored medieval buildings which hide stunning views around every last corner.

This isn’t a cheap place to stay by a long shot, but if you want a relaxing vacation in a stunning location, sometimes it’s worth splashing the cash a little. Certainly, in this picturesque little beach, the beauty of the area more than makes up for the odd sunbed rental fee.

We hope you found something on our list that caught your eye but if you’re still not happy, feel free to enter your more specific requirements into our 3-step beach finder, and we’ll get some more options to you in a jiffy!