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First of all, thanks for your interest in collaborating with us. Have you checked our main site? It’s a beach discovery engine that we hope helps you sort out your next beach holiday, based on the characteristics of the beach and surrounding area that you want. We’re quite proud of it, check it out!

About this blog/publication/thing, we’re not entirely certain about what our tagline will be; currently, we’re looking at “What makes your perfect beach?” but we’re not crazy about it. The point is, what unites us is an unwavering love for sun, water and sand; and this is the space we created to write about it! But then we thought: if we love the beach so much, there must be someone out there that loves it as much as we do! So we created this “let’s work together” page to welcome anyone who might want to join us!

What stories does “The Beach Fix” publish?

There’s just three of us right now, so we write very sparsely. However, we try to publish two to three times a week. We’re interested in content that’s exclusively about the beach; there are plenty of awesome travel websites out there (and we read quite a few of them!), but there seems to be a lack of strong content on the thing we love the most!

So here’s the juice of what we look for:

  • We are interested in posts about places that are accessible by regular humans.
  • We want our voice to be not just for the ones with endless time or wealth.
  • We prefer content that is focused in scope. Write about one thing and write it well.
  • We want our content to be as practical as possible, with juicy information that is actionable.

Writing Style

At The Beach Fix, we want our articles to have a soul; we’re not so particularly concerned with your writing style as long as you bring forward your personality. We want to talk about beaches from any perspective or angle you would like to bring forward as long as it is informative and delivers value to our readers.

We believe in the idea of meaning. When we write articles about beaches or specific places surrounding a beach, we believe there’s always some detail worth sharing that will delight our readers. Could be an interaction with someone local, a funny story that happened to you, something quirky that you’ve observed, you get the gist. Be more than different, be meaningfully different. Your audience will appreciate it.

What do we offer?

At the moment, we offer pretty much everything we can: a platform, some degree of visibility, paid ads into your articles, and lots of love! We’re trying to build a community of beach lovers; and for anyone joining us early on, there will undoubtedly be some beach trips included in the future.

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