Beach holidays are one of life’s most relaxing experiences – dipping your toes into clear blue water, laying out on white sand and ordering one (or more) tropical beverages – you can feel the stress release from your shoulders just thinking about it! That said, once you have cleared the hurdle of selecting the perfect beach destination (shameless plug) for you and your travelling companions, there are a few practical concerns that you need to think about.

Perhaps you are travelling with a large family party, and someone is always willing to stay with your keys, wallets, phones and cameras – if that is the case for you, you are certainly lucky. But for the rest of us, keeping our valuable items safe while we take a swim with our kids or partner can be a headache.

In order to assuage your worries about protecting your valuables while you are in the water, we have compiled a handy list of tips that are sure to help you keep your belongings safe, dry and protected on the beach.


  1. Bring only the bare necessities – A day spent at the beach is one of the best times to utilise your in-room safe. It is always a good idea to minimise the number of valuable items that you bring with you to the beach, and that includes leaving behind expensive jewellery, electronics, excess money and credit cards. If you are planning a big day out followed by a meal or shopping, see if you can build some time into your schedule to detour back to your room in order to pick up or drop off these items.

    Flip Flops at the beach

    You’re at the beach, all you need is a sturdy pair of flip flops.

  2. Bring a dry bag with you – Long a favourite accessory of divers, kayakers and surfers, a water proof dry bag is a key ‘must- have’ item when going on a beach holiday. These innovative bags will allow you to submerge your phones, wallets, keys and other valuables with no worries about their safety – just remember to keep a good grip on it! We really like the options from Wiggle – their brightly coloured dry bags also float, meaning that they will never sink below the waves.